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Policies & Core Values

  • We love our children, welcome and affirm our families, and celebrate the rich diversity within our community.
  • We educate the whole child within the context of our community and the natural world.
  • We examine all practices to ensure equity and work to remove barriers to educational access.
  • We embrace change and commit to continuous professional growth.
  • We set ambitious goals and design instruction based on data, best practices and research.
  • We are all leaders in the work.
Early Childhood Center values relationships, teamwork, equity, empowerment, and inclusion

Our Vision

Our children are the center of our instruction and we commit to empowering our families and their children and inspiring them to be healthy joyful learners who are compassionate citizens and
stewards of the environment.

Our Mission

Collaborating with educators, families and community partners, we embrace our rich diversity and educate the whole child utilizing best practices, data and ensuring equity for all.